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Nu am prea multa incredere in munca “cercetatorilor britanici” si ale lor rezultate pe esantioane de 3 studenti in anul I, dar am convingerea ca pierderile financiare cauzate de lipsa alinierii organizationale nu pot fi mai mici de 10-15% din costurile operationale ale niciunei companii.Pur si simplu haosul se plateste – cat de scump, e o chestiune de semantica.

Unii ar zice ca alinierea e un moft, o marota a consultantei, un lux pentru companiile care nu mai au pe ce arunca banii si are au pur si simplu prea mult timp la dispozitie. Cred ca ce lipseste in peisajul pe baza caruia se da o astfel de intelegere fenomentului este o definitie corecta. Am constatat ca de obicei aceast mod de a privi lucrurile pleaca de la ideea ca numita aliniere ar fi o stare, un moment bun de tras in poza, in care lucrurile s-au asezat intr-o ordine…si poti sa…

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10 tips on how to make slides that communicate your idea, from TED’s in-house expert

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Speaker David Epstein created a truly stellar slide deck for his talk at TED2014. When your slides rock, your whole presentation pops to life. Here, advice from our office slide master on making Keynote and Powerpoint presentations that communicate strongly. Photo: James Duncan Davidson When your slides rock, your whole presentation pops to life. At TED2014, David Epstein created a clean, informative slide deck to support his talk on the changing bodies of athletes. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Aaron Weyenberg is the master of slide decks. Our UX Lead creates Keynote presentations that are both slick and charming—the kind that pull you in and keep you captivated, but in an understated way that helps you focus on what’s actually being said. He does this for his own presentations and for lots of other folks in the office. Yes, his coworkers ask him to design their slides, because he’s just that good.

We asked Aaron to bottle his Keynote mojo so that others could benefit from it. Here, 10 tips for making an effective slide deck, split into two parts: the big, overarching goals, and the little tips and tricks that make your presentation…

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